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Our insurance agents are trained to help you build an insurance plan in Redding, CA that is custom tailored to fit the needs of your business. As a multi-line carrier, we are able to offer a large variety of insurance products. This ensures that you are receiving premium business insurance service in all coverage areas, which include: Workers Comp Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, and Business Income Insurance.

Our comprehensive approach can help identify any potential gaps in coverage, and also uncover various opportunities to help save money on your bottom line. Our team is ready to take care of your commercial insurance needs.


Redding Farmers Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ Comp Insurance

You pride yourself on operating a safe, secure work environment where your employees can perform to the best of their ability while helping your business grow. But even in the most ideal circumstances, accidents and illness still happen.

A workers’ compensation insurance policy can address medical care and lost income for your employees, death benefits for survivors, and your potential liability for covered claims.

If your business operates in multiple states, each of which administers workers’ compensation differently, our highly experienced adjusters can deliver injury management strategies that comply with complex state administrative laws.

We also help you improve safety practices and reduce risk, from OSHA compliance to safety education. A stronger culture of safety helps you manage work conditions and employees more effectively, which can improve profitability.

In most cases, Farmers employees, not outsourced adjusters, oversee employee injuries from start to finish so we can quickly investigate each injury and determine the compensability of all employee-made claims.

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Redding Farmers Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

When the rubber meets the road, it's serious business. Vehicles put your employees in front of existing and prospective customers and get your products to where they need to go. But unlike the control you have over your business operations, road conditions, weather, and other drivers are out of your control.

Any bodily injury, including injury sustained by other drivers, passengers and pedestrians, or damage caused to other vehicles or property, that you are responsible for, could put your business in financial jeopardy.

Commercial Auto insurance keeps you, your employees and your business on the road to a bright future. Non-owned auto coverage can help if employees cause accidents in their own cars on company business or if fuels or lubricants from one of your company’s vehicles cause damage.

Customized to your individual business needs, we offer many Commercial Auto insurance options for the vehicles you own, lease or rent for business use.

Accident damage might take your vehicle out of commission, but business must continue. We offer a broad range of options so you can select the coverage that best fits your needs, from towing and labor to rentals and loss of use.

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Redding Farmers General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Anyone who comes in contact with you or your employees can file a claim or lawsuit against you for many reasons, from an unexpected slip and fall to unfulfilled contractual business promises.

For example, if a customer trips at your business and is injured, premises and operations can help with hospital bills and damages as well as coverage for your business if the customer sues for negligence.

A former client may file (and win) a lawsuit over work performed by your company, but products and completed operations can help with the defense costs and, in some cases, the legal damages for which you may be responsible.

Identity theft is real threat, but cyber liability and data breach can help provide legal and forensic assistance if you lose confidential business and customer data when your computer system is hacked.

Employment Practices Liability can help cover your business entity, directors and employees if you are accused of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination or other employment-related offenses.

General Liability Insurance helps your business stand strong through challenging situations by covering the associated cost of legal defense and legal damages you are obligated to pay, up to the policy limits selected.

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Redding Farmers Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

One minute business is going well, the next minute a major fire renders your business unsafe for you and your employees. Business Property insurance will make certain your damaged building is repaired or rebuilt quickly so you avoid losing income and preserve both the equity and your future.

Business property coverage can also help when your business property is damaged by other covered events.

For example, if an employee operating a forklift in your warehouse, collides with a storage rack and it collapses, destroying several thousand dollars’ worth of inventory.

Building ordinance coverage can help with the additional cost of meeting new building laws or ordinances when you rebuild or restore your structure after a covered loss.

The loss of any property you own affects your bottom line. If a windstorm damages any of these items, Business Property insurance can help you replace everything from computers and inventory to equipment and tools.

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Redding Farmers Business Income Insurance

Business Income Insurance

When you lose business income the future of your entire business may be at stake. Business Income Insurance provides coverage to keep your business operating until goods and services are back in production.

Business income may be lost when you need to temporarily close your company for repairs after a small electrical fire or if the roof of your business collapses in a record-breaking snowstorm, and the office needs to be rebuilt and its contents replaced.

Business Income Insurance not only replaces lost business income but it can also cover the operating and payroll expenses necessary to keep you and your business on your feet after a loss.

You can even elect Extended Business Income Coverage which helps replace lost business income for a longer period of time after your business operations resume.

Business income insurance can provide you with operating and payroll expenses that keep your company running when you need it most.

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Discount Insurance Programs for Business

Our insurance agents are trained to help you build an insurance plan that is tailored to fit the needs of your business. As a multi-line carrier, we are able to offer a large variety of insurance products. This ensures that you are receiving premium service in all coverage areas, which range from General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella, and Employee Benefits.

Our comprehensive approach can help identify any potential gaps in coverage, and also uncover various opportunities to help save money on your bottom line. If you are interested in a free quote, don't hesitate to call our team or request an insurance quote online.

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