The Carr Fire

Redding was hit with the Carr Fire that destroyed thousands of homes. It’s important to remember that it’s not what happens to us, but how we react to it that matters. The Redding community has come together in a powerful way. This page has some useful information to help our community get back on its feet.


Rebuild, Buy, or Neither?

If you suffered a total loss of your home from the recent wildfire, it can be challenging to figure out what to do next. Whether you are wanting to rebuild, buy, or take your money and go in a different direction, here are some factors to keep in mind. Make sure you consider all your option to make the best decision for you.


Reconstruction Cost

People that lost their homes have extended replacement costs for the Carr Fire catastrophe. However, it’s a good idea to sit down with your insurance agent to review your limits and reconstruction cost. Current prices to rebuild may be higher due to the amount of homes destroyed and the limited materials and contractors available.


Loss of Use Coverage

Loss of use on your insurance policy is going to cover costs that are incurred while you are displaced from your home. In a total loss scenario, this includes paying for rent while your home is being rebuilt. Another option to consider is purchasing an RV or camper during a rebuild, which gives you an asset to sell.


Smoke Damage

If your home wasn’t touched or physically damaged from the Carr Fire, but you’re finding that you have a lot of smoke damage on the inside of your home. When you go to file a claim, make sure it’s being filed as smoke damage. Disaster restoration companies have different prices for fire damage and smoke damage clean up.


Finding a Contractor

If you find a contractor online, make sure to visit the Contractor State License Board to see if they have the appropriate license and insurance. If anything goes wrong during the construction of your home, it is important that you are dealing with a licensed and insured contractor.


Rebuilding Timeline

A safe estimate for the turnaround time of Carr Fire rebuilds is three to five years. We’re limited on the amount of contractors and materials available in our area, and debris removal has to take place before you even start the rebuilding process. Remember to be patient while Redding rebuilds.


Flash Floods

After experiencing a catastrophic fire incident, people often forget to think ahead about other potential threats, such as flooding. Talk to your insurance agent about getting flood insurance before it’s too late. It might be worth paying a few hundred dollars to ensure your home is covered from flooding.


Insurance After Fire

The reconstruction cost of homes will go up after a catastrophic fire and it’s hard to say how long this price increase will last. After the initial surge of initial claims dies down, schedule a meeting with your insurance agent to review your policy. Know where you stand with the rise in reconstruction costs.


Under Insured or Uninsured

Some people have found themselves either under insured or uninsured after the Carr Fire, which has been declared a disaster by FEMA. If you were one of these people, visit to find assistance and apply for additional aid. There is approximately 70 million dollars that is being allocated to helping fire victims.


Debris Removal

Debris removal is a coverage on your policy that helps get the debris off your property after a total or partial loss. Your policy should cover debris removal, but it can take up to a year due to the amount of homes that were destroyed. If you want to have it done sooner, some of that money may come out of your pocket.


Shasta Strong

It has been amazing to see Shasta County come together after the Carr Fire disaster. Citizens have posted signs all over town, thanking all the firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders for their support. Often, in times of crisis, we find our community rising together to restore all that was taken from us.