Business Owners-Business Income Replacement

Business owners typically are living month to month within the first couple years from my experience.  In doing so they find themselves going out of business when small or even big unforeseen things happen. It keeps small business owners from generating income even that's for a month.  How do you see the small unforeseen things that can pop up?  Some of these can be predicted but some are so out of the ordinary they can't be predicted even by the most diligent of business owners. That's were someone with knowledge and experience in the insurance field can step in and insure that when the unexpected happens and your income stops coming in it can be replaced by with business income replacement.  I have the need to help other small  businesses as I am small business owner myself and tend to go thru the same struggles that many of my entrepreneur counter parts will eventually go thru themselves. The tricky part is making sure their policy  is taylor made, a good value, and affordable or it won't work.  That's what I would like to offer, to other entrepreneurs, free of charge.  For more information or questions comment below