13 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Life Insurance

Hello, World! Today our topic is life insurance.  I started this blog by saying hello to the world, but the number one reason you should be talking about life insurance is that of “your world.”  The world that can’t go on without your help, even if you are gone. Your world is what makes your days great, and life insurance is what will make your future world great if you don’t get to take part in it.


  1. Your world- If you aren’t here to see your world come to complete fruition life insurance can help make that happen and carry on the legacy you would have if you were still here. 
  2. Your family- Many people, say I don’t have a family. Well everyone has a family. You may not have a spouse or kids yet, but you do have a family, and no life insurance can leave them in significant debt, which brings me to the next reason. 
  3. Funeral costs- The most basic need when you or a loved one dies is, a proper funeral. This cost is upwards of $25k and a minimum of $10k ( just to be cremated), and that’s the bare bones cost your family will incur. 
  4. Debt- Many people think if they pass their debt passes with them. In most cases, that is just not so. Families inherit debt after death, just like they inherit assets. The most common form of debt is credit card debt. 
  5. Mortgage- So you have made it far enough in life to become a homeowner. Congratulations! But what if something happens now. Who will pay off your mortgage? Will they have to sell your home? How long will that take? If your mortgage is paid off with life insurance now, they have a great home and no worries about what to do with it. 
  6. College-Assuming you have kids and a great plan to send them to college. You are socking away money in a savings account or a college savings fund. But what if you pass how your kids will go to college. 
  7. Income replacement- This one is more for married couples with children- This allows your spouse to be able to mourn the loss of you without getting right back out there to replace your income. Whether you are a CEO or a stay at home mom, It will be very expensive to replace either the income or all of the things you do with the kids.  Replacing a stay at home mom’s time with children would require a babysitter, a house cleaner, and a tutor in most cases will be a bit spendy.
  8. The quality of life- Your family is going through enough if you just passed. The last thing you want your family to go through has to deal with financial heartache before they have been able to grieve properly and hen deal with financials later is crucial to your spouse and kids mentally and emotionally.
  9. Parents- That’s right your parents. If you plan to take care of them in their later years, but you aren’t here to see their later years, make sure you can still take care of them.
  10. Business- there are many ways life insurance can save your business if something happens to you, your business partner, or your key employee.  It can keep your hard work alive and well.
  11. Age/rate- The cheapest day to get life insurance was yesterday and today is the next cheapest. If you wait to get life insurance you may have: a life-threatening illness stop you, a car accident, or a crime. All of these can impact your chance to get a good rate. 
  12. Freedom to adventure- Freedom to adventure is why I got my first life insurance policy outside of work offered plans. I was moving to California and wasn’t yet an insurance advisor, and I wanted to go on endless adventures, and I didn’t want to leave any of my debt to my family. It allows me to dive head first into the wilderness without any worries what will happen to my family if the worst happens to me.
  13. Legacy-We mentioned this on number one, but I come back to it now in closing. Life insurance is an excellent way to transfer wealth TAX-free, in most cases, for generations to come.  It allows you to make the impact in your family for generations you intended to and now can even in passing. 

Your Trusted Insurance Advisor,

Kyle R Vowell  
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