I myself am getting married on November 7th to my lovely fiancé so I faced the same challenges many of you are.  Some of the questions I asked myself included:  where to get married, what to get married in, how many people to invite, and the latest question my fiancé asked was,  how tall are your groomsmen?  I thought it was a little early for that but I obliged. 

    Insurance is one of the more tricky things you may face as well as one of the things that may not even come up, if you have great parents like ours.  You are grown up now because you're getting married, so it's time to pony up and pay for your insurance too.  Start by combining your insurance so that you get the best rates for multiple cars (assuming you both have a car). Look into adding renter's insurance or bundling homeowner's insurance because of discounts. Your car insurance may be just as cheap with renters insurance as without renter's insurance.  The homeowner's bundle can save you a huge chunk of change if you own a home.  Lastly,  look into getting life insurance for both of you.  If you start your marriage with life insurance in your budget,  it will become a normal expense.  Your new spouse deserves to know you are committed to them for better or the worst!

     If you aren't comfortable with the lingo, like most people, it is important to get the advice of an insurance agent. You don't have to buy a policy from that agency.  And there is no charge for a quote. The agency can educate you and your soon to be spouse on how to protect your future properly. Their  "know how" will probably get you the best value even if it's not the best price.


Thanks for reading!

Kyle Vowell