Auto insurance, something required in the state of California and with good reason. Car insurance has always been expensive for teenagers, lead foots, and accident prone drivers. Now, it is becoming more expensive for all drivers.  A rate increase can and will be frustrating for "GOOD" drivers. With a good driving record and no claims, why should a good driver be punished? According to insurance companies, "GOOD" drivers aren't being punished. However, most insurance companies, in particular, in California have been unprofitable in 2016 and most of 2015. So to stay profitable, insurance companies must increase rates in order to pay for cliams in the future. 

In 2016, fatality rates are up 31% over 2015. 31%! With all the new technology, supreme airbags, and driver assist, Why? Distracted driving! The increase in the fatality rate by itself is a great cause for a price increase, but there are several more reasons. That new technology mentioned earlier is another reason we see prices go up. Backup camera's that have to be recalibrated after accidents, bumpers designed to crumble (for safety reasons, that can't be hammered out, like the days of old), and other new technologies are also to blame. Also, unemployment is down, meaning there are more drivers with more money, even driving newer cars, and traveling more on vacation, so driving further, which all increase the rate because the risk of an accident is increased.  Financing is easier than ever, so we don't see cars 10-15 years old like we used to and with unemployment down people are buying newer cars.

So let's get to the reason you're reading this, "The Best Way to Utilize Auto Insurance."  Auto insurance is getting more expensive even though, for most, never used. Let Kyle R Vowell Insurance Agency help you start using your auto insurance, making your insurance money work for you, and receive benefits for all the premium you're paying. Step one: Get towing and roadside assistance. Towing & Roadside Assistance is one coverage you can use with us that is very inexpensive and gives you three claims up to $150, without a deductible and utilized for a multitude of things. My personal favorite, locking your keys in the car. Step two: Get glass coverage, we will fix your chips & cracks for FREE, at the time of the claim! We will also replace your windshield for $100, at most, Glass coverage can be purchased for around $1 a month. Step three: Get a high deductible or as high as your comfort level will allow. Having a higher deductible will decrease your monthly premium. If you have an older car, consider dropping comprehensive & collision coverage. Then, bank all the money you save into a savings account and use it "if" you need it for your deductible or to replace your car. Step four: Ask about additional discounts. Additional discounts can come in several different forms starting with a workplace discount, a discount for having a degree, multi-policy discounts and even a multi-vehicle discount. Step five: Don't be a distracted driver. Focus on the road and the responsibility you have while driving. 

The goal with these five steps is to make your insurance work for you. By adding glass coverage and towing/roadside assistance, you are adding coverages you can use without making your insurance go up and no additional cost to you at the time of the claim, by increasing your deductible, the price will decrease, and by avoiding distracted driving, you will avoid accidents. For more tips, advice, and suggestions contact Kyle R Vowell Insurance Agency today!