Your Local Redding, CA Insurance Agent

With mobile phones and tablets in everyone's hands and around every corner, the digital age has taken off like rocket. This trend has carried over into the insurance world just like every other segment of our lives. People are increasingly more active online than in person; we date online, we share our fondest moments online, and we even buy insurance online.


Sure it is great to be able to share with people all over the planet what we just ate for dinner, but what about when you need someone; when you need a shoulder to cry on, a comforting hug, or advice about a new claim.  The world needs balance, sure it is nice to have the conveniences of your phone or tablet but we also need personal interaction and that couldn't be more true when it comes to insurance.


Someone over the phone or on the other side of computer may not have your personal goals, morals, or just your best interest at hand.  With insurance, it is a piece of paper until you file a claim.  It isn't tangible, therefore, you can't touch it, you can't hear and certainly can't see it working for you. An agent on the other hand, you can see, touch or shake hands with, (although it may not be welcomed by some), and hold accountable.  Their namesake and reputation lies with their clients and prospects. When it matters most, when you have a claim there is someone to call and comfort you while making sure the most beneficial outcome for you happens, as long as it's ethical.


Without this personal touch there can be overlaps, gaps and missed information in regards to your policies that you just can't get from behind a phone or tablet. Not to mention the professional advice received from a local insurance agent. Of course, their are bad apples out there that will still take advantage of you just like companies that can only be reached by phone or computer.  Isn't that much easier to tell in person though? When you can look someone in the eyes and make sure they are sincere, I certainly think so.


Find a local agent with a good track record and it could be the key to your peace of mind and securing your families financial future. Not to mention the ability to make sure your family has a professional to be there personally when times are bad and confusing problems arise due to a claim or face being held personally responsible.